Rabu, 25 September 2013

terima surat dari cik hawa!!

Ibu Abi,
please don't cry. 
I'm in heaven now, 
so dry your eyes. 
God is keeping me safe and warm, 
just as you did from the day I was born. 
We don't know for sure why this happened to me, 
but in your heart, mind and soul I will always be. 
We need to cherish the memories, 
till the day you're here with me. 
Think of all the times you made me laugh, and smile.
That should make you feel better ibu abi?.. just for awhile? 
Even though I passed away so young, 
I'm still living ibu abi, 
and still so strong. 
I'm a 'Wildan'  now ibu abi,  
So please don't hurt or cry, 
I will feel it too. 
I want you to laugh ibu abi, 
and I will too, 
I know its so hard and you can't feel my touch, 
but just remember , 

*ibu rindu hawa...dan ibu juga bahagia, sebab ibu yakin Allah jaga hawa dengan baik... :)

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